how it started...

It started my senior year of high school when I needed to choose an elective and I discovered the joy of working with clay almost immediately. I've been artistic for as long as I can remember: drawing, acting, singing, dancing in front of the TV while the Spice Girls music videos played on MTV...but there was something different about creating art with my hands.

Fast forward to 2020: Quarantine. I hate to admit it but, TikTok made me do it...I saw so many creators making earrings and I thought to myself, "well I could do that...AND I know people who would wear them!" So I did, I started making earrings. Sent some to some close friends and then asked my sister if she wanted to wear a pair out while we ran errands and BAM! I sold three pairs that day. Now here we are.

I've always imagined owning my own business, specifically a coffee shop, but for now I am more than happy making these perfectly imperfect creations to honor the women that have inspired me all my life. And you can bet your bottom dollar you'll see these earrings plastered up on the merch wall when I do end up opening my coffee shop! Because everyone should feel as good as they look.