are polymer clay earrings heavy?

no! polymer clay earrings are extremely lightweight and even the larger styles won't weigh down your earlobes!

how do I take care of my earrings?

first off, you must be very careful when handling your earrings. even though I ensure that each earring is sturdy, polymer clay will snap and break with excessive force. keep your earrings away from perfumes, oil, lotions, extended periods of direct sunlight and avoid showering or swimming while wearing. If you notice that your earrings are dirty, dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe away the dirt.

how fast will my order ship?

I will typically mail out an order within 5-7 business days. If you need your order sooner, shoot me an email before placing your order and we will work something out.

do you do custom orders?

yes! I am open to taking custom orders. shoot me an email or a DM and we can get started.

do you accept returns/exchanges?

due to the handmade nature of clay (each earring is handmade and individually cut), please allow for slight variations to your piece from photos. returns and exchanges are determined on a case by case basis. if you receive your order and there is a visible defect (i.e. if an earring is broken) email me asap with photo documentation and I will send out a replacement.

do you offer local pickup?

due to COVID-19, I am not offering local pickup/drop off currently. I look forward to being able to in the future!

think of something else?? Shoot me an email: theclaydade@gmail.com